About Founders of the Future

Founders of the Future are launching a brand-new competition for students and schools across the UK and British Schools abroad to produce an idea for a new mobile app to solve one of the sustainable development goals.

With a chance for selected finalists to pitch and present the idea for this mobile app at London Tech Week - the UK’s largest and most influential tech event, in front of inspirational founders, top business leaders, policymakers, and investors, what better way to show off your creativity, originality and incredible invention! Who knows, you could be the next founder of the future!

Lesson Plan — Founders of the Future: Design an App Competition

Deadline to submit: 28 April

Lesson Plan — Founders of the Future: Design an App Competition

What will you be judged on?

  • Originality

Are you thinking creatively? Has this idea been done before? What makes your idea different from the other apps out there? If you are expanding on an existing idea, how are you doing this differently?

  • Purpose

What are you trying to achieve? Have you clearly stated what the purpose of your app is and how it will achieve this? Does it meet one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, if so which one?

  • Scalability

Could this be used worldwide? Start by thinking about an issue that is local to you or your school to begin with, then consider whether this could be used in other communities.

  • Prototype 

Tell us your vision for the app, how would this work? Use this as an opportunity to describe how the app would work. A prototype can simply be the screen designs, as long as you can talk through the idea and explain it.

  • Design

Are your app screens clear? Do you have a defined scheme throughout? Use this as an opportunity to look at the apps that you like to use, what do the screens look like? How have they used colours and images? When designing, really think about who you are aiming the app at.

Download your Founders of the Future App Template

What do you need to produce?

  • Using the template provided, produce an idea for a new mobile app, use this to show us what the app would look like and tell us what your app would do and how it will work.
  • Submit 1 project per group or child. You can use the same account to submit numerous projects. For example if you are a teacher and you want to submit 5 groups, you will then have 5 projects to submit in the same account.
  • The contact details and the form need to be filled in by an adult.