Stand: German Pavilion, 456

Most people want to enjoy their life in their own four walls for as long as possible. Self-determined and independent, but with the peace of mind that help is at hand.

VIVAIcare is a digital assistant system which is completely based on an open IoT platform and a large language model. It enables a longer, autonomous life at old age within one's own premise. High tech with high touch with concentrated data and AI technology. Using sophisticated sensors (fall sensor, voice assistant, door and window lock sensors, stove monitoring, motion detectors etc.) people can receive individual support that is precisely tailored to their current life situation.

VIVAIcare is a real gamechanger and one of the most advanced ambient assisted living systems in the world.

Data from the sensors that was previously kept separate in various data silos is bundled securely in a central location, the home collector and voice assistant Vivi. The data is then sent and analyzed in the cloud. Vivi reminds the elderly of appointments, drinking and medication.

Residents can have “good morning/good night conversations”, ask for jokes and train their brain with activating games or just have a amiable chat.

As one of the first German digital assistant systems, VIVAIcare is certified by the GKV Spitzenverband and therefore refundable by all German Health Insurances!


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