Nepal Pavilion (NAS-IT)

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Learn about Nepal Association of Software and IT Services ( NAS-IT), the leading advocate and facilitator for Nepal's Software and IT Services sector. With a steadfast commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and advocacy, we specialize in connecting international clients and investors with Nepal's exceptional tech talent. Our platform serves as a bridge for global companies seeking strategic investment opportunities in Nepal while championing the advancement of the local IT ecosystem. Explore our comprehensive offerings to witness how NAS-IT seamlessly integrates your business objectives with cutting-edge technology solutions, all while contributing to sustainable economic growth in Nepal. Partner with NAS-IT to unlock unparalleled opportunities for collaboration and propel your organization towards success on both a local and global scale. Engage with NAS-IT today to embark on a transformative journey that not only enriches your business but also empowers Nepal's IT industry for a brighter future.
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