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About Us

eShaafi is a revolutionary telehealth platform dedicated to providing stress-free access to quality healthcare directly to patients' doorsteps. We empower women by connecting qualified female doctors with patients seeking care, fostering gender equality in the healthcare landscape. Additionally, eShaafi promotes a healthier planet by minimizing reliance on travel through telehealth consultations.

Our Mission

We are passionate about creating a world where everyone has access to convenient, high-quality healthcare, regardless of location or gender barriers. eShaafi leverages technology to bridge the gap in healthcare access, particularly for women facing challenges like limited mobility or childcare responsibilities.

Our Solutions

  • Telehealth consultations: eShaafi facilitates remote consultations between patients and female doctors, ensuring timely access to care.
  • User-friendly platform: Our platform is designed for ease of use, allowing patients to schedule appointments, connect with doctors virtually, and manage their health information seamlessly.
  • Focus on women's healthcare: We cater to a wide range of women's healthcare needs, empowering patients to take control of their health and well-being.

Why Partner with eShaafi?

  • Be part of a social impact movement: Join us in revolutionizing healthcare access and empowering women.
  • Promote sustainability: Support our commitment to reducing environmental impact through telehealth solutions.
  • Reach a new audience: Connect with a growing community of patients seeking convenient and reliable healthcare.



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