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Transform your contact centre with AI.

Boost productivity, enhance customer experience and improve business outcomes with enterprise ready AI Voice Assistants.

About us:

Appella AI is a UK technology company based in Paddington, London, on a mission to bring safe, secure, and scalable Conversational AI tools to enterprises.

Using our industry and academic experience, we have built Voice Assistants from the ground up with LLMs, supported by a patented infrastructure that provides enterprises with an AI system free from data leaks and hallucinations.

What does Appella™ do?

Appella™ is an enterprise-ready AI voice assistant that handles both inbound and outbound calls. It enhances customer interactions, provides data insights, and grows with your business.

Who can use it?

Whether you are in healthcare, retail, or customer service, Appella™ can increase productivity, improve business outcomes, and save you money. The Appella AI team will happily build and tailor your Voice Assistant to meet your needs.

What features are available?

Choose from a selection of different skills from FAQ answering, call routing to appointment scheduling, sentiment analysis, lead qualification, and summarisation. 












United Kingdom
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