Stand: Tech Nation Pavilion, P131-P140

We don’t make AI, we break it. Advai streamlines AI adoption by identifying and mitigating points of AI failure.

We enable customers to assure AI for deployment in business critical or regulated environments.

Advai is the UK leader in third-party assurance, benchmarking, and monitoring of AI systems, having driven AI safety initiatives for the UK Government’s AI Safety Institute, the Ministry of Defence, and top private sector companies for four years.


Advai offers three categories of service:

  1. Advai Advance is our discovery service. We leverage our advanced research into AI strengths and weaknesses to assess an organisation’s state of ‘AI Readiness’.
  2. Advai Versus is a developer testing workbench built with Python. It enables rigorous testing, evaluation, verification and validation of AI systems, and integrates automated tools into the development environment. Advai Versus has our industry-leading adversarial AI and red-teaming technology baked in.
  3. Advai Insight is our AI governance dashboard. It provides insight both pre- and post-deployment. It simplifies technical information to bridge comprehension gaps between Data Scientists and senior decision makers. Clear visualisations of system robustness, compliance, risk and cybersecurity statuses enable managers to ensure responsible AI deployment.


Our technology is rooted in how AI fails, whether these errors are introduced during data collection and training, or from manipulation caused by an adversary seeking to steal, disrupt, or exploit a system.


Vox Studios
1-45 Durham Street
Greater London
SE11 5JH
United Kingdom
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