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Organised by: London Tech Week

Discover how corporates are innovating and embracing emerging tech to become more productive, efficient, and competitive. Hear from leaders at the forefront of digital transformation from a range of different industry verticals, focusing on issues central to enterprise communications and collaboration.

Corporate Innovation: Bringing together founders and corporate leaders to innovatively solve business challenges using technology.

Fintech & Crypto: Unpacking the biggest trends in FinTech, blockchain, bitcoin and the volatile crypto market, how are they shaping the future economy?

AI in Action: Find out how AI continues to evolve, new use cases, and how to take advantage of it’s true potential.

The State of Cybersecurity: Addressing the growing concern of security as tech continues to advance at lightning speed. Hear from some of the industry’s leading experts on how to prepare for an increasingly risk-driven future.

Future of Work: As innovation and technology continue to lead instrumental change in the way we work, investing in talent and skills, understanding the employee experience and creating an inclusive culture remain top of mind for business leaders.

Industry Spotlights: Deep dives exploring the impact of technology across specific industries, featuring EdTech, Automotives, Health Tech and many more.

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