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Smart Cities Post Covid-19: A practical perspective

Organised by: Tech London Advocates

A deep dive into smart city technologies post Covid-19 with a strong emphasis on practical real world use cases

Smart city projects are enormously complex and therefore suffer from numerous challenges.  This fireside chat is focused primarily on the challenges resulting from an implementation perspective.   

This fireside chat will explore the realities of smart cities through real world use cases and cover aspects such as:

  • Safety and security 
  • Environmental benefits  
  • Transportation and traffic 
  • More efficient provision of public utilities 
  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Enhanced engagement with citizens.

Some agenda Highlights

  • How will the crisis reshape our cities and urban planning 
  • How can smart technologies support economic and social recovery
  • The role of digital twins in risk management and scenario analysis
  • Barriers to developing and scaling smart cities 
  • Development of smart communities and opportunities for collaboration between smart cities.


This event has been designed for Individuals actively involved in Smart City projects, who:

  1. Need to understand the practical implications of Covid-19
  2. Want to understand how technology is evolving and can support on the challenges they are   facing
  3. Would like to learn from the practical experiences of others. 


Sandeep Arora
Sandeep Arora
Moderator and CEO of Arora Digital (Partners of innovative technologies)
Jeremy Skinner
Jeremy Skinner
Asst Director of Intelligence Unit (GLA)
David Leipziger
David Leipziger
Innovation Lead for Cities & Mobility (Innovate UK)
Dr Larissa Suzuki
Dr Larissa Suzuki
Hon Associate Professor (Computer Science), UCL
Yalena Coleman
Yalena Coleman
Solution Architect at Connected Places Catapult
Yewande Akinola
Yewande Akinola
Engineering Innovation Lead (Laing ORourke)
Sarah Owen-Vandersluis
Sarah Owen-Vandersluis
Partner & UK Head of Future Mobility at KPMG
Paul Armstrong
Paul Armstrong
Chief Digital Officer at North of Tyne Combined Authority

Tech London Advocates

The TECH LONDON ADVOCATES Smart Cities envision a future where smart cities are built based on the needs and expectations of all of society. We are the ambassadors of people, making sure that technology and smart cities work for them. We work with communities to understand what people want from their city and we contribute to the design of user-centric smart cities.  Website:

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