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Future of Work Summit

Organised by: London Tech Week

Wednesday 15th June 2022

The last two years have changed everything. For businesses, for leaders and for employees. Unplanned reinvention of the way we work dominated industries as organisations grappled with government guidelines and reacted to constantly changing circumstances. 2022 is the now the year for businesses to actively reinvent processes, for leaders to make intentional decisions and for employees to speak their minds.

Whilst the future remains uncertain, innovation and technology continue to lead instrumental change in the nature of work. Future of Work Summit 2022 is committed to delivering key insights into new ways of working, providing a platform to discuss and debate the challenges and solutions – underpinned by the transformative impact of technology.

 This year, we will focus the conversation through these key topics:

  • The skills and talent of the future. How can business leaders identify the unique investments in future-forward skills for current and prospective employees? In the race to survive the talent shortage, what role will the gig economy and freelancers play?
  • Unleashing the power for all. Creating a desirable culture is critical to business success when looking to attract and retain new talent whilst remaining competitive. Cultivating an inclusive environment to embrace all colleagues and empower diverse perspectives to drive change will be essential. How do we now ensure a community feeling doesn’t just give us meaning but results?
  • The power of technology in a humanised workforce. With advances in technology supporting the emergence of the metaverse, accelerated by hybrid work, how is the relationship between the workforce and technology changing? With this comes challenges concerning equality and accessibility.
  • Reimagining a sustainable future of work. Demand for companies to act sustainably will only grow in 2022; mindsets need to change, and skillsets must advance in order to commit to action that transforms. A new consciousness about social and economic impact has arisen and will continue to grow; individuals need to be connected behind a purpose they are proud of so that ESG efforts don’t fall short.

Integration of new technology into the workplace has led organisations to reimagine and re-architect their business strategies to allow for this new virtual world of work, demanding time and energy from technical decision-makers. The Future of Work Summit 2021 provides a unique opportunity to discuss developing attitudes, gain new perspectives and extract tangible takeaways. The way we work is changing, and it has never been more important to understand and prepare for the future.

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