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Driving Forward: Smart mobility trends in China and the UK

Organised by: TechNode, London & Partners

Learn from industrial experts on the smart mobility market trends between China and the UK

Hosted by TechNode, the Chinese tech media platform, and in partnership with London & Partners, London’s international trade, investment, and promotion agency, we invite you to join us for the webinar ‘Driving Forward: Smart Mobility Trends in China and the UK’. As a fringe event at London Tech Week 2020, this webinar will share industrial knowledge on the smart mobility market trends between China and the UK in the hot topics of EVs and AVs. We are going to explore whether the trends that are reshaping Chinas growing smart mobility sector will spark an interest in the UK and other European markets. Finally, we will explore market opportunities to innovate in this field of technology and discuss how do Chinas smart mobility tech companies see the European market and vice versa.

Speakers Intro:

Dr Alexander Klose, Executive VP Overseas Operations

Dr Alexander Klose, Executive VP Overseas OperationsWith some 30 years’ experience in automotive strategy and marketing, Dr Alexander Klose has a deep understanding of the mobility sector around the globe. Before joining AIWAYS in 2018, Dr Klose has held roles as the CEO of Volvo Cars (China), and Asia Pacific President of PAG (Ford Motor Company Premier Automotive Group), which included the Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo brands. He has also provided consultancy and support services to a number of automotive retail groups in China. 

Dr Klose is responsible for AIWAYS’ operations outside of China.

Joseph Constanty

As Director of International for NIU, Joseph is responsible for the growth of the brand, sales channels, and all key global partnerships for new mobility solutions. Joseph has been working in the start-up ecosystem of China for the past 15 years and is passionate about transforming urban mobility globally.

The future of urban mobility is being shaped by non-traditional companies, and more and more those companies are popping up in China. Joseph will provide insights into how NIU disrupted the mobility world in China, and how it wants to create an eco-system of collaboration in Europe.

David Wong

David Wong is Senior Technology and Innovation Manager at SMMT, the UK’s automotive industry body with more than 800 members including all major vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, aftermarket businesses, technology, and engineering firms, and mobility start-ups. David is SMMT’s lead on connected and automated vehicles, digital and future mobility innovation, and electric and fuel cell vehicles. In addition to automotive companies. He is SMMT’s interface with the start-up community and leads open innovation initiatives to connect the industry with autotech and mobility start-ups from all over the world. Apart from that, David sits on the UK Automotive Council Technology Group and is a Non-Executive Director of Cenex.

Dr Daniel Ruiz

Dr Daniel Ruiz joined Zenzic as CEO in January 2018 to lead the UK’s £100 million connected CAV programme. Prior to this Daniel lead a 500-strong team as MD of Dynniq, tackling traffic challenges with technology-based solutions. His previous roles include Head of Real Time Operations at Transport for London (TfL), and Launch Director of the UK’s intelligent mobility innovation centre (now CPC).

Daniel gained his PhD in engineering from New College, Oxford.

Aminda Tang

Aminda Tang is currently the Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Transport for UK’s Department for International Trade China based in Shanghai.  She has 20 years’ experience advising companies in the UK and China on trade and investment strategy with a special focus on Automotive, Marine, Advanced Engineering, and Chemicals sectors.


Who should attend?

- Industrial professionals in the smart mobility sector, especially in the EV and AV 

- investors who are interested in the smart mobility trends in China and the UK

- corporate innovators and startups interested in collaborating with the automotive industry

- tech trend observers, researchers, and analysts

- key players, consumers and anyone whos interested in learning more about the smart mobility industry


Dr Alexander Klose
Dr Alexander Klose
Executive VP Overseas Operations at AIWAYS
Joseph Constanty
Joseph Constanty
Director of International at NIU
David Wang
David Wang
Senior Technology and Innovation Manager at SMMT
Dr Daniel Ruiz
Dr Daniel Ruiz
CEO of Zenzic
Aminda Tang
Aminda Tang
Head of Advanced Manufacturing & Transport for UK’s Department for International Trade China

TechNode and London & Partners

TechNode is a tech innovation platform of startups, venture capital firms, industry resources, and corporate partners. Through media and event initiatives, TechNode supports and bridges the tech and startups ecosystem between China and the rest of the world.

London & Partners is the official promotional agency for London. We promote London and attract businesses, events, congresses, students, and visitors to the capital.

A special thanks to China EV100 for supporting us in this event. EV100 was initiated by Chinas former Vice Premier LI Lanqing and is the most influential think tank/industry association for electric vehicles and CAV in China.

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