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Al desco/Al Zoomo lunch with 3 of the top women in Ecommerce

Organised by: Global Tech Advocates Future of Work Group

As we are making our way back to work, hybrid, fully remote or otherwise, the question on everyone's lips is how are the bosses going to make it work. What are the opportunities to re-configure work in a more efficient and more family-friendly way, while retaining that cutting edge that got us to the top in the first place? We will discuss new ideas for online recruitment and on-boarding, sustainability of work as well as fashion and how ecom platforms are helping the transition (or not). The discussion will be chaired by Eva Pascoe ( Ecom Director at The Retail Practice and online fashion pioneer, founder of Topshop Online and Shopify/Netsuite expert, co-founder of “Future of Work” Group at Tech London Advocates.


Eva Pascoe
Polly McMaster
Emily Bendell
Lauren Jackson
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Eva Pascoe