We're really excited to announce that London Tech Week will be hosting 4 days of insightful content in honour of Black History Month from Monday 17th to Thursday 20th of October.


About London Tech Week's Black History Month

Stats don’t lie, people from ethnic minorities make up only 15% of the workforce (techUK, 2021) whilst ethnic minority founders receive just 1% of VC funds. The tech sector needs to embrace diversity and inclusivity as a force for good more quickly. In the face of ever-changing societal, environmental, and economic challenges, representation in the tech sector will be key to deliver positive, lasting and sustainable solutions.

With Black History Month 2022 just around the corner, London Tech Week in partnership with EQL:HER and Elevating Founders are determined to challenge the status quo to create more opportunities for underrepresented talents in tech. As part of our initiative, London Tech Week will provide a week-long brand awareness and thought leadership campaign, allowing our strategic partners to deliver insights into powerful initiatives, programmes and schemes that aim at attracting more diverse talent, powering tech careers for ethnic minorities and channelling more funds towards underrepresented founders.

Webinar Series

Throughout the week London Tech Week will host a series of webinars focusing on

  • Bridging the Digital Skills Gap 
  • The fight for talent
  • Diversity in leadership roles
  • Building and Sustaining a Thriving tech Industry

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap

This session will highlight ways in which companies can help bridge the digital divide by taking an inclusive approach to training.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to create sustainable new digital talent
  • The power of reskilling/upskilling employees to fill the skills gap and simultaneously provide opportunities to under-represented parts of society
  • How an inclusive approach to training creates a bigger and better talent pipeline

Beyond Diversity: The fight for talent

This session will cover how Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion specialists can establish an inclusive environment, ensuring employees are able to bring their authentic selves into the workplace.

During the session we will cover:

  • How organisations can address the issues of “invisible people and unheard voices” to unlock the true power and potential of everyone
  • How do we unlock the ‘power of all’ and ensure a community feeling

Increase your Productivity with a Diverse Leadership

This session will be focused on how companies can benefit from a more diverse leadership team and, how to support women who find it challenging to take that next step.

During the session we will cover:

  • How hiring leaders who value learning and knowledge can lead to a more productive and trusting environment
  • How diversity throughout management leads to multiple perspectives and better approaches
  • The power of creating an empowering culture

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Future

This session will spill the tea on all the best tips and tricks for black professionals looking to get into the tech industry, whether that’s brushing up on their CV, how to optimise LinkedIn, or how best to network to land that interview.

During the session we'll dive into:

  • How candidates can showcase their transferable skills on their CV for the tech industry
  • Tips on how to prepare for that important Interview
  • The best methods to maximise networking in a physical and virtual tech ecosystem

Building and Sustaining a Thriving tech Industry

This session explores how we can combine culture and sustainability and what ways businesses and governments can work together to achieve this.

During the session, we will explore:

  • The importance of creating a more diverse and inclusive tech ecosystem
  • How can businesses collaborate to grow an inclusive tech industry?
  • How can we ensure sustainable growth? 
  • What must tech businesses prioritise to ensure underrepresented groups remain in the industry?

Black History Month Campus Day

Join us in person on Monday 17th October for Black History Month event at 240 Blackfriars where a host of industry experts will gather to hold thoughtful discussions on their journey and give first hand insights on how to succeed as a black professional in tech, followed by an opportunity to see inspiring founders showcase their ideas to investors at our Elevating Founders showcase.

Some of our previous partners during Black History Month events include...

Some of our previous partners during Black History Month events include...