2024 LIVE Agenda


Workshop: Tax Tips for Scaling Tech Companies: Avoiding Pitfalls and Maximising Cash Runway 

Tuesday 11 June 2024
Pitch Stage

We get it. When you’re growing a business, you care about customers and product first. Tax and financial structures often aren’t exciting to most people. But when it comes to a fundraise or an exit event, you’ll wish you had thought about it sooner. Join the accounting and tax experts at Gravita - the tech-enabled accountancy firm for high growth companies - to discover:

- How to be tax efficient to maximise returns for shareholders and founders

- Avoiding key pitfalls on share option schemes, IP etc

- How to extend your runway with R&D tax credits 

- What financial or tax red flags can kill a transaction in Due Diligence

Caroline Plumb, CEO - Gravita
Ben Chernoff, Partner - Gravita
Kate Greenhough, Tax Partner - Gravita