2024 LIVE Agenda


GDC Centre Stage Takeover: The Tech Behind 'As Dusk Falls'

Tuesday 11 June 2024
Centre Stage
GDC Centre Stage Takeover: Game On: Exploring the Next Level of Gaming Innovations
Initially released in summer 2022 on Xbox and PC and since spring 2024 also on PlayStation, 'As Dusk Falls' is INTERIOR/NIGHT's award winning and Bafta nominated debut title. 'As Dusk Falls' is a multiplayer, branching narrative game with a very distinctive art style. This art style, along with some of the design choices, necessitated the development team to create bespoke pipelines and tools to make the game a reality. This talk will provide a glimpse behind the scenes of how a narrative game is made and how custom tools and tech make it possible to create a unique experience using Unity, a general purpose game engine
Ron de Feijter, Technical Director - Interior/Night