2024 LIVE Agenda


Spotlight: Fostering Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the Tech Ecosystem

Tuesday 11 June 2024
Corporate Innovation Stage
The Future of AI: The Era of Innovation

This spotlight will explore how governments and corporations are actively investing in entrepreneurs, innovation, and emerging technologies. Discover strategies for identifying investment opportunities, key sectors and technologies attracting funding, and ways companies and government can collaborate with startups.

Our guest speakers will discuss the crucial role of fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in driving economic growth and shaping the future of innovation.

Claire Dracott, Director of Tech Innovation - News UK
Nina Albert, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development - Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, Government of the District of Columbia
Dan Burgar, Co-Founder & CEO - The Frontier Collective
Peter Pernot-Day, Global Head of Strategic Communications - SHEIN Group