2024 LIVE Agenda


Panel Discussion: The Power of Communication - Leading Successful Teams

Wednesday 12 June 2024
Corporate Innovation Stage
The Future of Work Reimagined

Research shows a strong relationship between good management practices and productivity, highlighting that businesses get value when workers do. Businesses that leverage the knowledge of employees on the ground and empower their voices are more likely to develop more effective and innovative solutions to common problems and barriers to productivity. How can you harness the power and influence of the ultimate connector?

Join us for this session as we discuss how to maximise the value and impact of middle management and the positive effect it can have on achieving and communicating business goals.

Sue Daley, Director, Technology and Innovation - TechUK
Erika Brodnock, Co-Founder - Kinhub
Alia Zafar, Director - Commonwealth Secretariat
Anna Thomas, Founding Director and Co-Director - Institute for the Future of Work