2024 LIVE Agenda


Fireside Chat: Information and Influence: A new era of propaganda?

Tuesday 11 June 2024
Headline Keynotes
They say that good news spreads quickly, but in today’s world, this pertains to all news. In recent years, the spread of information, disinformation and propaganda has been amplified by digital technology as it has revolutionised the way information is created, consumed and manipulated. Sophisticated tech has seen AI-generated content blur the lines between fact and fabrication, leaving unsuspecting audiences vulnerable to deception. However, whilst technology has largely fuelled the rise of disinformation, it may also hold the solutions through AI and MLP as powerful tools of detection. The rapid pace at which information now moves has had unexpected ramifications on elections, public opinion and foreign interference in domestic affairs, resulting in growing concerns about information warfare and cybersecurity.
Alex Mahon, CEO - Channel 4
Jimmy Wales, Founder - Wikipedia