2024 LIVE Agenda


Panel Discussion: A Guide to Working Harmoniously with Generative AI

Wednesday 12 June 2024
Corporate Innovation Stage
The Future of Work Reimagined

With so much talk of AI replacing jobs, we must also consider the ways AI are transforming roles for the better; increasing productivity and efficiency – is it all good news? There must be a focus on reskilling the current workforce alongside upskilling the next generation of talent, whilst enterprises must consider their strategies for seamlessly incorporating emerging technologies into their workforce.

Join us for this session as we demystify the need to replace all jobs with AI and instead focus on how technology can amplify efficiency, productivity, and collaboration across enterprise.

Karima-Catherine (KC) Goundiam, Founder & CEO - B2BeeMatch
Pamela Maynard, CEO - Avanade
Zohar Bronfman, Co-founder & CEO - Pecan AI
Gori Yahaya, CEO & Founder - Upskill Digital