2024 LIVE Agenda


Panel Discussion: Emerging Technologies for Cyber Resilience - Which Tech is Best?

Monday 10 June 2024
Corporate Innovation Stage
Maintaining Resilience: Cybersecurity, Digital Identity & Data

In the relentless pursuit of cyber resilience, organisations are inundated with technologies promising to safeguard their businesses. The importance of protecting digital assets is clear and enterprise must proactively take steps to do this but, is investing in new tech is right for your company? In this session you will hear from businesses and thought leaders on the best way to evaluate the threats your business face and how to identify the best protection - using both people and technology. 

The panellists will discuss  the role of AI and ML in protecting against cyber threats and even the power of MFA, unveiling the true potential of emerging tech to protect your business

Paulo Rodriguez, Head of International - Vanta
Nancy Morgan, CEO Ellis Morgan Enterprises; and Former US IC Chief Data Officer - Ellis Morgan Enterprises; Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Nathaniel Jones, Director of Strategic Threat and Engagement - Darktrace
Deepika Singh, CEO - DeepCytes