2024 LIVE Agenda


Panel Discussion: Creative Problem Solving - Navigating Labour Shortages in the Age of Frontier Tech

Wednesday 12 June 2024
Corporate Innovation Stage
The Future of Work Reimagined

The adoption of transformative new technologies has changed the types of roles organisations need to fill alongside the skills needed to perform them. This applies to high-tech industries, tech focused roles, and even those outside the industry. Faced with a labour market in transition, industries must transform to keep pace. The skills needed for the future are uncertain and evolving, but they will most certainly increasingly require humans to work alongside AI.

Join us as industry leaders share guidance on how you can hire for jobs of the future, even those that are yet to be conceived. They will highlight roles needed to support AI integration, security, efficiency and automation, competitive advantage, and innovation.

Angie Madara, Founding Partner - Athena FundX
Rich Wilson, CEO - Gigged.ai
Purvi Kay, Head of Cyber Security Governance Risk & Compliance - BAE Systems
Joshua Wohle, CEO - Mindstone