2024 LIVE Agenda


Panel: The Currency of Comms & Soft Power: How An Early Investment in Communications and Policy Will Always Pay Off

Wednesday 12 June 2024
Founders Stage

Join this discussion to gain insight into how an early investment in communications and policy will always pay off, including: 
- Building strong foundations: getting the right building blocks in place to set out your stall and differentiate your offering (positioning, messaging, stakeholder mapping, early stage activity).
- Engaging with the media: when and how, building long term relationships, being genuinely helpful to the journalists covering your beat.
- Scaling the function: when to add the different disciplines i.e. internal comms, policy/public affairs.
- Playing by the rules: why keeping ahead of regulation is more important than ever.
⁠⁠- Iterating your story: the importance of right message, right time, right channel.

Natasha Jones, Co-Founder - Founders Comms
Linda Griffin, VP of Global Policy - Mozilla
Rebecca Gwilliam, Director for Employee Communications - Deliveroo
Ben Lyons, Head of Policy & Public Affairs, - Darktrace
Eleanor Warnock, Writer & Communications Advisor