2024 LIVE Agenda


GDC Centre Stage Takeover: Impact of AI with the Rise of Virtual Influencers/AI models in gaming

Tuesday 11 June 2024
Centre Stage
GDC Centre Stage Takeover: Game On: Exploring the Next Level of Gaming Innovations
  • Introduction to virtual influencers and AI models, exploring the concept, advantages etc.
  • Understanding its impact on the gaming industry: influence on marketing strategies, user engagement, and personalized experiences.
  • Discussing the use of AI models for procedural content generation, dynamic difficulty adjustment, and personalized gameplay experiences.
  • Addressing potential ethical concerns, data privacy issues, and the challenges of regulating and governing the use of AI in the gaming industry.
  • A brief yet comprehensive understanding of emerging trends and its implications for the future of gaming
Asavari Moon, Founder & CEO - Future Female Marketers