2024 LIVE Agenda


Your Co-Founder Relationship - assess its health and design your future

Tuesday 11 June 2024
Pitch Stage

Your Co-Founder relationship is your company's biggest assets and biggest threat, causing 65% of startup failure. Yet it feels hard to control - too nebulous, too awkward, 'seems' fine right now... Cat's practical Co-Founder framework will save you long term pain, and bring quick gains through deeper more effective comms between you. Hear how other top-performing Co-Founders are intentionally setting regular time to work 'on' their interactions - how often, how long and what they cover. Plus through private reflection on Cat's incisive questions about your relationship and where it's headed, you'll take away higher awareness and urgent action points to strengthen your very visible, and vital business asset.

Cat Totty, Co-Founder & Founder Coach - Cat Totty Coaching